So I have been getting more and more sick ever since our spontaneous party night last Thursday and when I woke up yesterday morning it finally really hit me – runny nose, sore throat, a feeling of weakness and barely any voice. Lucky for you I am the complete opposite from those people who lose their appetite when their sick. When I am down with a cold I get ravenous. It is like my body needs all the energy to fight the illness and who would I be to deny that? Here comes a more or less complete report of what I munched through yesterday:

what i ate wednesday france green smoothie

Breakfast #1 Green Smoothie made out of a banana, some frozen mango chunks, spinach and water. Refreshing, full of vitamins, not necessarily filling. Thus this happened:

what i ate wednesday france french toast

Breakfast #2 French Toast made with some whole wheat fiber bread, which I will not buy again, since it turned stale in a day. I added a side of cream cheese, peanut butter and blueberry jam and ate the other two slices left unpictured as well.

Soulfood Around lunch time O and I went to the city and park for a study break. Our trip started with a stop at the coffee shop, where I got a sunshine smoothie (mango, ananas, papaya heaven), later in the park I sneaked a crumble from Os dark chocolate cookie, followed by some shopping-fuel [unpictured] mini viennoiserie apple turnover with an espresso I love how nearly every bakery here has mini versions of croissants, chocolate croissants and raisin rolls, I am a try-them-all person as we know. And after shopping we treated ourselves to a bowl at our favorite ice creamery. My flavor of choice: pistachio. Sadly I couldn’t finish this one, the creaminess was slightly too much for me.

what i ate wednesday france chicken soup

Dinner Later in the afternoon I heated up a bowl of my go-to cold food: chicken soup. Since the bowl was pretty small and I was ravenous, I went back for seconds. Do you also add ground pepper to chicken soup? I do this not only with the one I cook myself, but also with store-bought quick fix versions. Again [unpictured] 2 handfuls of vegetable chips (beetroot, parsnip, sweet potato and carrot) and then later in the evening, while dealing with my Strategic Management exam prep:

what i ate wednesday france oatmeal

Supper Microwave banana oatmeal with more bananas then oats. Lately I am in to the gooey consistency it gets from adding more bananas. Of course this one was topped with peanut butter and Muscovado sugar – can you believe that I still did not finish the pack of sugar I brought from Germany!? Even though I am totally addicted. This stuff is magical.

Also [unpictured] two cups of my cold-cure-tea made of lemon juice, ginger and honey.

Now hop over to Jenn for more and surely less sick deliciousness.

What is your favorite cold food? Are you losing your appetite or getting ravenous when you are down with a cold?

What I Ate Wednesday {in France #9} So I have been getting more and more sick ever since our spontaneous party night last Thursday and when I woke up yesterday morning it finally really hit me - runny nose, sore throat, a feeling of weakness and barely any voice.

I went through over 600 pictures from our weekend trip to Kerlouan, Brittany yesterday to decide which ones to include in this post. So please excuse this picture heavy recap, but keep in mind that for each of the pictures shared I needed to deny 50 others the honor and believe me, each of them was beautiful and full of happiness, ocean and sunshine. But let me start from the beginning.

The boyfriend of one my friends from the house next door is from Brest in Brittany. His father has built a holiday house in Kerlouan, a small city in the northwest of France not far from Brest, and they rent it out to tourists all year long. He asked if they could keep it free for a weekend, so we could use it and due to this we were able to spend a weekend at the seaside, soaking up some sun and fresh ocean air before our exams.

beach view kerlouan brittany

And even though it is still not warm enough here in Brittany to swim in the ocean, we had a blast sunbathing…

…drinking and doing Yoga at the beach it is all about the balance, right!?

…and stuffing our faces with delicious BBQ. My pescetarian friend O and I had some salmon packages, while K and her boyfriend went with chicken. We also roasted up green asparagus, potatoes and garlic bread and had dark chocolate filled grilled bananas for dessert. Did you ever try that? They were amazing! O’s idea and I am just sad that among the 600 pictures we took there was none of our dessert. Guess we could not wait. Caterpillar Kerlouan Brittany

We also became friends with the cutest hairy caterpillar …

ocean view kerlouan brittany

…climbed all the rocks…

…took a speedboat trip close to Brest – the boat belonged to the boyfriends fathers friend, people from Brittany are really so warm and friendly – shot tons of fun group-pictures and started a quest for the perfect spot for some yoga moves. Sorry for the bad posture, I was seriously afraid of falling of the rock.

kerlouan brittany beach

I am so thankful for the great friends I have made here in France and that we had the chance for this beautiful getaway before our last two weeks of exams in Rennes. The time flew by way too fast, as it usually does when you are happy and content and I don’t even want to start thinking about going back home so soon. Hopefully O doesn’t read it, she tears up a lot about it recently. Luckily most of the people I met live in Europe and I will visit and travel with them in the future. Isn’t it nice how connected our world nowadays is?

kerlouan brittany beach

But for today I would like to keep things short and take the chance for a study-coffee-break in the park with friends, since Rennes is spoiling us with sunshine – and we all know that is a rare occasion.


Weekend Trip to Kerlouan in Brittany I went through over 600 pictures from our weekend trip to Kerlouan, Brittany yesterday to decide which ones to include in this post.

Open Mind Weekly {14+15/14}

Sadly I am back from my beautiful trip to Kerlouan at the Northern French coast. I had the most amazing weekend and cannot believe that exam weeks officially start tomorrow.

My Go To Breakfast Green Smoothie

My Go To Breakfast Green Smoothie

It’s recipe Tuesday – please, let’s make this a thing. I haven’t shared a recipe in forever and even though I thoroughly enjoy to share my France adventures with you guys, I miss the recipe creating and the food posts and I hope to have so much more time to do this as soon as I return to Germany. In 3 weeks, eek, but who is counting? Today’s recipe is overdue since I took the pictures about two…

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As you all surely know by now I turned 25 this Friday and spoiled myself with celebrating my Birthday at Disneyland Paris on Saturday – where, shock, I have never been before in my life. So how to better start the serious side of life than catching up on what you missed out during your childhood? After having a huge blast, eating tons of Polish pierogi, which my neighbor cooked up, getting the best foodie-birthday present from them: french cookbooks and bananas, and drinking way too much wine, heading out in the city and stumbling over this guitar playing guy in the park at 2 am at night, who played “happy birthday” for me. I felt so blessed with this amazing party!

But let me start from this point. We got back to our flats at 2:30, Ola and I made ourselves some “breakfast” and then I took off to the university to meat the other people who were going for the Disney trip. They were all catching up on some sleep in the students lounge before the bus left at 4 to bring us to the land were dreams are made: Disneyland Paris.

disneyland paris castle

Even though I barely got any sleep that night, all the tiredness was blown away as soon as we entered the park. It also did not hurt that we had the most beautiful sunshine you could ask for.trip to disneyland paris

I could let the pictures speak from here, but let me throw in some of my favorites:

Disney Birthday

The Alice in Wonderland maze, this fashionable Ratatouille chef’s hat and of course the amazing parade.

What would a good Disney story be without a villain though? We came early for the parade to catch a good space to watch and while waiting for the parade to start, two women sneaked in next to us and right in front of a 3-year old girl, who patiently waited for the Disney princesses to arrive. We called them out for doing that, but they were refusing to give the girl her space back, even though other people around us joined in the claim. Finally we waved the guard nearer and he told them politely to get lost. The look on the girls face, when Cinderella waved at her, was absolutely worth it. It made my day.

I think everyone should be allowed to be a child from time to time. And it is amazing how Disneyland makes that possible. You should have heard Klaras non stop jabbering after she met Mickey in his house and took pictures with him or seen the guys taking selfies with R2D2 in the Star Wars ride. Everyone finds something to be excited about in Disneyland and that is something I really do not want to lose, no matter how old I get – the ability to be excited about the small things in life.

Thank you for all your congratulations and your beautiful words of advice, they made me feel so special! 

My Birthday at Disneyland Paris As you all surely know by now I turned 25 this Friday and spoiled myself with celebrating my Birthday at Disneyland Paris on Saturday - where, shock, I have never been before in my life.

Healthy Living in a Nutshell: Beth

Healthy Living in a Nutshell: Beth

I am so sorry guys! Due to a scheduling mistake by my birthday-disney-excited-self Beth’s Healthy Living in a Nutshell is late and takes over With An Open Mind today! We will skip the Open Mind Weekly for that and have some extra big link love next week instead. Have a beautiful Sunday you all!

An unscheduled weekend surprise! While I am busy enjoying the hell out of my birthday another of my…

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Thinking Out Loud #4 - the quarter century edition

Thinking Out Loud #4 – the quarter century edition

Since I am turning 25 in 15 hours (CEST) I chose a post of randomness to prepare you all for this epic change in my life: me joining the quarter century club, turning into an adult who makes responsible decisions all the time and stop being childishly excited about everything that comes my way. What better way to celebrate than spending a whole day at Disneyland on Saturday? Oops, spoiled the…

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A Sunday at the Northern Coast of Bretagne

A Sunday at the Northern Coast of Bretagne

So, I slept 23 hours of the last 32 hours. And I still feel like I could use some more sleep. Somehow I seem to have upset my stomach with dinner on Monday and needed all the sleep I could get yesterday. Initially my blogging schedule was comprised of a Sunday recap on Tuesday morning and then partying foodie day with you guys today. But I guess banana, banana, small piece of hard bread and a few…

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Open Mind Weekly {13/14}

Happy Sunday! Can you believe that another week is over and that I will turn 25 in 5 days, and that I will return from my France adventure in only 4 weeks, and that I will be done with my studies and officially on the job market?


Easy Back Stretches 

I hope this will help you :) And after a hard back workout, you should do the Child Pose! 

(via delightead)


Green smoothie 😛 Spinach, cucumer, banana, kiwi, pineapple, vitamineral green and water to blend 🍃

Instagram: amillionmiless 


Sorry for the bad pictures again. My DSLR died mid photo and I got hungry and finished it before I could retake. So insert photos of prep, ingredients, and assembly here. haha 

Its been too long since i’ve posted an easy wrap and go recipe so here is a good one for taking to work, school, or just eating it at home like me. 

Carrot Ginger Rice:

  • 4 medium carrots
  • one slice of ginger
  • 3 fresh tomatoes
  • 1/4 teaspoon of cumin
  • two stalks of celery

roughly chopped and added to a food processor until rice like consistency 

Low fat lemon tahini sauce: 

  • 1.5 teaspoon of tahini
  • 1 small peeled zucchini 
  • .5 large lemon

blend up and top your destemmed collard greens with rice, sauce and anything/everything else you would like :) 

Avocado Salmon Thai Spring Rolls

Avocado Salmon Thai Spring Rolls

Being a food-blogger is really hard when you don’t have a well equipped kitchen or good lighting in your flat. Moving abroad to France I went already close to 3 months without a baking oven and taking pretty pictures of my food is only possible between noon and 2 pm. Being a full-time student I am rarely home to use those hours of good lighting and even though I prepare and cook most of my meals,…

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